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TT-SB38 Motion Sensor Trash Bin


Introducing the our new line of ibin- Sensor Trash Can with AbsorbShield Odor Filter , TT-SB38 Provides convenient and hygienic,  38L  Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Stainless Steel Trash Can is the easy and clean way to dispose of trash in your home or office. Just move your hand toward the lid and the infrared motion sensor will open the lid automatically. The lid will close automatically when you are finished. It’s easy and hygienic!

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  • Beautiful stainless steel trash can with automatic sensor
  • Infrared sensor ensures contact-free opening of lid
  • Practical and hygienic
  •  38 Liter
  • Suitable for standard garbage bags
  • Fingerprint-Proof Stainless Steel
  • Battery or AC Power Adapter
  • AbsorbShield Odor Filter absorbs trash odors
  • With the touch buttons you can also open / close the lid manually
  • Looks great in any kitchen, office or other space!
  • EAN: 4260563033044

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