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Introducing the TurboWave Line,TT-EV35R Retro Style Electric Oven its like a Full size oven performance on your countertop, perfect for Baking, Reheating and Grilling. 35L and Wide temperature range of 100°C to 230°C. this compact toaster oven lets you toast golden brown bread slices or cook pizzas with a tender, crispy crust in less time.

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  • Retro stylish design
  • 35 liters, 220V- 240V, 1600W, VDE plug
  • Single layer heat resistant low-e glass door
  • 4pcs stainless steel heating tubes
  • With 4 knobs:
    – OFF/ Convection/ Rotisserie/ Rotisserie & Convection
    – 100~230ºC temperature control
    – OFF/ Upper Heating/ Lower Heating/ Upper & Lower Heating
  • 60 minutes timer. As timer is on, inner lamp lights
  • Chrome plated wire rack x1
  • Non-stick bake tray x1
  • Crumb tray x1
  • Rotisserie x1
  • Tray handle x1
  • EAN: 4260563034843 Black
    EAN: 4260563034836 Red
    EAN: 4260563034850 Turquoise
    EAN: 4260563034829 Cream

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