TT-7PCK Universal 7-Piece Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Kit


TT-7PCK Universal 7-Piece Pro Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Accessories Cleaning Kit
is include all the tools you need for professional cleaning.
this 7 pic comprehensive accessory kit takes the hard work out of tackling hard to reach areas, delicate surfaces and stubborn debris. Ideal for use around the home, in the workplace and in the car.
Compatible with all the universal standard hose handheld vacuum cleaner which size is 32mm(1 1/4in) and 35mm(1 3/8in).

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  • Pet Brush: Made from soft PTE material, combs pet hair safely, removes dead hair & gives your pet a comforting massage
  • 2 in 1 Pivoting Dusting Brush: Adjustable accessory combines a soft dusting brush to gently clean delicate surfaces without scratching and up top tool to easily clean high and hard to reach areas.
  • 3 in 1 Sweeping Crevice Tool: Remove dirt and pet hair from crevices such as window sills or corners by extending length crevice tool and using dual edge dusting brush.
  • Deep Cleaning Brus: Remove dirt and dust from the floor under furnitures and the crevices between the wall and the furniture by the extendable design.
  • Cabinet & Radiator Brush: Remove the dust from cabinets, radiators or shutters by using this long slim extendable brush.
  • Cabinet & Dusting Brush: Soft dusting brush to gently clean delicate surfaces without scratching
  • 32 to 35mm Adapter: Connect the 35mm vacuum hose and brushes.
  • TT-7PCK Orange EAN: 4260563030661
    TT-7PCK Red EAN: 4260563030647
    TT-7PCK Black EAN: 4260563030630
    TT-7PCK Blue EAN: 4260563030654