Specially made to Measure

The 5 litre capacity stainless steel bowl

is a beautiful combination of design with functionality,

offers enough capacity to mix dough for 35 delicious cupcakes,

5 loaves of bread in a single batch.
The bowl is also dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.

The one-piece pouring shield fits onto your mixing bowl to help you

add ingredients without making a mess.

It also helps keep lightweight ingredients like flour from flying out of

the bowl when you’re mixing. The pouring shield is dishwasher safe.

TurboTronic Slantwise planetary beating action

The Unique slantwise, efficiency planetary beating action
guaranteed the perfect mix... every time.

The Unique slantwise mix planetary action ensures the bowl tools pick up ingredients from around the sides, bottom and through the middle of the bowl providing a perfectly combined mixture every time.

Easy operations and fully Control at your fingertips

The TurboTronic TT-001 stand mixer is equipped with 6 speeds for various mixtures.

The smart control dial give you fully control increases the speed from a soft start to full speed.

The advanced electronic control dial give you fully control increases the speed from a soft start to full speed.

Speed control ensures that you carefully and smoothly build up to the desired speed without causing spillage of the bowl contents.

This advanced speed control makes this an easy and friendly to use kitchen Robot.


Multiple Beaters

Mix, knead, whisk and whip. Our mixer comes equipped with a flat beater, dough hook, wire whip and burnished spiral attachment for all your baking needs.


The K-Beater

For creamy cakes, biscuit mixtures and crumbly pastry.

The Balloon Whisk

For light and foamy whipped mixtures

The Dough Hook

Takes the hard work out of kneading heavy dough.




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