Welcome to the Z-Line world.
Z-Line is a family owned business – we have been wholesaler Kitchen and Household technology, We are professional importers since 1992.

We import European standards merchandise checked by the top quality control facilities. Using only the very best quality materials to make your life healthier easier and of course tastier.

we stand behind every product that we sell and test each appliance fully and individually, our 24 Months Guarantee proves it!

Our brand TurboTronic® has an intrinsic, timeless elegance coupled with a uniquely intuitive operation. We design for looks as well as faithful efficiency that you will enjoy over the years.

We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and fantastic customer service with a dedicated team ready to answer your email enquiries. Got any questions? Our friendly customer service representatives are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm. Contact our online customer service via Email: info@zline-world.com