About TurboTronic

Founded in Belgium in 1992 by Z-Line who still today is the driving force of the company. Good ethics, quality and genuine handicraft are the base of TurboTronic‘s timeless design.
TurboTronic has become an iconic global brand that enhances people’s lives through thoughtful design and brilliant innovation, delivering kitchen and home products to more than 50 countries around the globe. TurboTronic is the kitchen and home appliance brand that delivers innovation based on consumer insights. TurboTronic has an intrinsic, timeless elegance combined with a uniquely innovative and intelligent technology to make the home appliances smarter and easier to use, and focuses on human and things we love.

We design household and kitchen appliances with both a clean appearance and faithful efficiency that you will enjoy for years to come.

the name TurboTronic reflects our identity and contemporary in both design and functionality.
We are broadening our concept, not only do we take a stand for a better environment, we take a stand for a better world.

– The company philosophy is based around our three core values –


We create style that lasts and we stay true to our design philosophy. TurboTronic united classic style with modern shapes. Our style is feminine and sensual yet with fast and masculine attributes.


We’re not afraid to take a stand on important social issues
and we acknowledge and celebrate others who do the same.
We stay true to who we are, to our style and beliefs.


Our products are long lasting, both in terms of quality machinery parts and through the timeless design
that makes it easy for everyday using.

In addition, we have expanded our range with a sports line called: SportTronic.

*Data comes from internal resources and is for reference only.